What is the origin of the acronym ESG?

The acronym ESG first appeared in a 2005 report entitled “Who Cares Wins”, the result of an initiative led by the United Nations.

At the time, 20 financial institutions from 9 countries, including Brazil, met to develop guidelines and recommendations on how to include environmental, social and governance issues in asset management, securities brokerage services and related research.
The report’s conclusion was that the incorporation of these factors into the financial market generated more sustainable markets and better results for society.

And what does each letter of that acronym mean?

E – Environmental or Environmental

The letter E of the acronym refers to the practices of a company in relation to the conservation of the environment and its performance on topics such as:

  • Energy efficiency;
  • Water shortage.
  • Global warming and carbon emissions;
  • Biodiversity;
  • Logging;
  • Waste Management;
  • Air and water pollution;

    S – Social

    The letter S concerns the relationship of a company with the people who are part of its universe. For example:

    • Clients satisfaction;
    • Employee engagement;
    • Team diversity;
    • Data protection and privacy;
    • Relationship with the community;
    • Respect for human rights and labor laws.

      G – Governance or Governance

      Finally, the letter G refers to the management of a company. For example:

      • Corporate conduct;
      • Composition of the Board;
      • Audit committee structure;
      • Existence of a whistleblowing channel.
      • Executive compensation;
      • Relationship with government entities and politicians;

      What is Lisegraff doing?

      Since its foundation, Lisegraff has a footprint of respect for the environment and we identify a lot with the ESG movement and as a small family business, we do what we can and now with the ESG guidelines, we are moving forward and below I list the latest attitudes:

      As for the Environment

      Our solar plant is being approved by the competent bodies and in 2022 we will produce the energy we consume.
      We acquired our first electric vehicle, which will contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions. Our electric motorcycle is a small but important step in the direction of investment.
      No waste is improperly disposed of by Lisegraff, but we are continually looking for better ways to dispose of it so that our waste can compose other products in a circular economy process.
      We are FSC Certified, which guarantees that the paper used in our company comes from replanted forests, with sustainable management and already entering the social, does not use child labor or slave labor.

      As for the Social

      We are evolving with the implementation of the General Data Protection Law and maintaining what we have always done, which was to have diversity in the team and respect for human rights and labor laws.

      As for Governance

      In this item, we are developing a structure to create an audit committee.

      We still have a lot to evolve, but with the engagement of the entire Lisegraff team, we will rise step by step to be a sustainable company.

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